Private Music Instruction

NEMPAC’s Summer Session will begin on Monday, July 3rd, 2017

NEMPAC Instructors

We take great pride in providing musical instruction that uniquely taps into the creative talent of each of our students. We want them to shine! NEMPAC offers private music instruction in a wide range of instruments including Piano, Voice, Violin, Guitar, Drums, Trumpet, Cello and more! We also offer Semi-Private and Group Lessons. 

REGISTRATION: Please contact Manda Shepherd for all inquires at

Let’s Get Started!

Our lessons are offered in five location sites:
1. NEMPAC Studio Building on the Prado
2. St. John School After-School Program
3. The Eliot Upper School After-School Program
4. Charlestown Working Theatre
5. Warren Prescott After School Program

(** PLEASE NOTE: Lessons offered at St. John School, the Eliot Upper School, and Warren Prescott are only available to kids enrolled in the after school program. **)

Our Summer Session begins July 3, 2017 – Registration is now open! Registration is incomplete without payment. For information about Summer lessons, please visit here

We do accept on-going registration for new students. Please contact Educational Programs Director – Manda Shepherd at to arrange and schedule lessons mid-session. We will then direct you to registration.

PMI Program Information:

Schedule: Private Lessons range from 8 – 12 weeks depending on the quarter (Fall, Winter, or Spring Session). We also offer a shortened Summer Session which is generally 5 weeks. We follow the BPS school calendar. (Special scheduling is built in for our St. John School students.) A full 2016-2017 academic calendar is available: Web Calendar

Lesson Locations: Private Music Lessons are held at the NEMPAC Studio building on The Prado, the after-school programs at the St. John Catholic School, the Eliot Upper School, the Warren Prescott School, and the Charlestown Working Theatre.

Music Instructors: Each of our instructors has an introductory bio on our website, providing a glimpse of their expertise, helping you to choose who will be the best fit.

Registration: Registration is required for all new and returning students. Students must contact Manda Shepherd to arrange lesson schedules before registering through our online system. Registrations are incomplete without payment. All new students are charged a $25 registration fee. 

Payment: Once NEMPAC receives your registration, we will send you an e-invoice for your total amount due. We accept payment via check, credit/debit card, or cash (in person).

Policies: Please carefully review our policies carefully before registering: Program Policies

Instruments: NEMPAC does not provide instruments. Need help buying or renting an instrument? Instrument rental worksheet


Cost of Lessons, Fees & Discounts:

PMI  2016-17 Rates:

30 minute lesson = $33
45 minute lesson = $44
60 minute lesson = $55

Semi-Private 2016-17 Rates:

30 minute lesson = $25
45 minute lesson = $35
60 minute lesson = $45

Sibling Discounts: NEMPAC offers a sibling discount of 10% to families with 2 or more children or teens enrolled in our programs. Students must be under the age of 18. This discount applies to private, semi-private and group lessons. The discount will be applied to the lesser cost program.

Scholarship / Financial Aid: NEMPAC awards over $5,000 in children’s music scholarships each year through our Scholarship Fund for Families in Financial Need. Interested applicants must submit financial documentation and an annual application to be considered for this assistance. For more information please contact Manda Shepherd at

Fees: All new students are charged a $25 registration fee. Pick-Up for lessons is $50 per session and includes the Eliot Lower School and the Nazzaro Community Center. Late payments will accrue monthly late fees of $15 on the 1st of each month. 

Pick ups/drop off: In partnership with the Eliot Lower School, NEMPAC offers student pick ups (contingent on individual instructor approval). If you would like pick up for the session, there will be a $50 fee for the additional service and parents are required to read NEMPAC Pick Up Protocol.