NEMPAC Group Music Ensemble

NEMPAC Group Music Ensemble

Ages: 9+ years

Schedule: 1st and 3rd Saturday each month – 1-2:30 p.m.

Instructor: Thomas Morris

Location: NEMPAC Studio Building

Cost: $100/ year

First Class: September 16, 2017

Last Class: June 16, 2018

Description: NEMPAC’s Group Music Ensemble is the integration of private music instruction with group performance. Led by a NEMPAC Coach, nomination-accepted students will learn how to play and perform as a group in NEMPAC and community events.

Nomination process: Students will be nominated by private instructors based on age range, talent, and interest. Offers to join the ensemble will be sent out after nominations have been approved. If a student is under the age requirement, but shows incredible interest and talent an exception can be made with the approval of  the Ensemble Coach.

Performances: The ensemble will perform at each NEMPAC recital as well as community events, including but not limited to senior outreach recitals and the annual Perform-a-thon. Additional performances may be scheduled at the discretion of Ensemble Coach.